Record Regurgitation

About the pictures and articles

The pictures and articles associated with this website are optimized for download time. Because of that, the newspaper articles and pictures from newspaper articles are not crisp and clean in type face and general appearance. 

In order to make the download time for individual documents to be acceptable it was necessary to compress them considerably. In other words, I had to make a choice between crisp, clean images and download time. The original scans of most of the pictures were over 400,000 bytes in size. The newspaper articles were all greater than 2.5 megabytes. 

Although I can not point to any particular picture and be positive about who took it, my uncle, Donald Whomsley, took most of the black and white pictures. Thanks Uncle Don! 

Some pictures may have been taken by Paul A. T. Mooney.  Thanks, Paul!

I was too busy getting sick to pay attention to who was taking pictures. 

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