Balloon Inflation on September 2, 2001

Buck's Airport, Bridgeton, NJ

Photographs by Rebecca C. Sayers

Hq5.jpg (92675 bytes) The envelope after being pulled from it carrying sack.

Hq4.jpg (94624 bytes) The basket with burner supports. Three propane tanks and instrument panel also visible.

Hq18.jpg (50287 bytes) A cold inflation. First the mouth must be opened.

Hq10.jpg (51311 bytes) Two crew members hold the upper mouth side by hand and the lower mouth side by leg and foot.

Hq20.jpg (34927 bytes) A section of the balloon as it rolls with the wind and seems to play with a cloud.

Hq21.jpg (56547 bytes) Rebecca being eaten by the rolling balloon. BeccaDad Pic. 

Sunset at Buck's Airport

Hq28.jpg (28271 bytes)

Hq31.jpg (28783 bytes)

Hq32.jpg (24687 bytes)

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