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  Virtual Downe Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey

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Virtual Downe Township 

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Take a virtual tour of one of the most beautiful areas East of the Mississippi: Downe Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey.

Downe Township Statistics

  • 54 square miles in size

  • 34,049 acres total acres

  • 14,756 acres state-owned open space

  • 7,848 non-profit owned open space

22,604 acres or 66.39% of the township is open space owned by the State of New Jersey or non-profit environmental groups which pay no real estate taxes


Turkey Point Tower and Bridge to Nowhere

The tower and the bridge are perfect examples of why the state of New Jersey is in such poor financial condition.

 Bridge to Nowhere

On the horizon above the far end of the bridge the skyline of Fortescue can be seen.

The Tower

You won't believe the history and details of this monstrosity and ridiculous waste of taxpayer money.

A sea sculpture made from muddy Bay water at Fortescue.

Notice the brownish color of the ice. Dirty water makes dirty ice.

Winter sculpture made with cleaner water.

The strange thing about the two above pictures is the difference in the color of the sculpture.

One day, everything had a dirty, brown tinge because the Delaware Bay was stirred up. The next time I visited the sculpture was made from much cleaner water and it has a distinctly bluish-white color.

Snow Swans at Maple Creek

A few dozen swans live in the waters on either side of Maple Creek Road. The white ovals and specks are snow flakes illuminated by the flash.

Virtual Downe Township is a gallery of interesting places in our township.

Arrangement is by the whim of the publisher.

If you have a picture taken in Downe please consider sending it to DDT for possible inclusion in our gallery.

A DDT Newsletter was originally published in a print addition of one or two pages in the early 1990s and distributed by mail with a bulk mailing permit.  

The original DDT Newsletter was one man's attempt to change Downe Township's political atmosphere by informing the residents in a humorous way that our township could be administered better to everyone's benefit. 

Downe Township is a very special place to me. I have lived here for almost 40 years. My daughter is in the Downe Township School District. I have every reason to continue to working toward making Downe an even better place to live.

This new Internet based version of the newsletter, is now The DDT Newsletter Online.

"God put the bugs in Downe Township to keep out those people who aren't serious."
The Newporter,
David Burnight


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