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Tax Exempt Land Resources and Links

October 5, 2005

Tax Exempt Land Resources Link

This page contains links and references to New Jersey Tax Exempt Land resources.

I make no claim as to the accuracy or currency of the links or the material.

Use and reference at your own risk.

This page includes various kinds of files which may or may not be readable with programs on your computer. In many cases, the documents have a .pdf files name extension. Those that do have the .pdf extension will require the latest version of Adobe Reader to access and read the documents.

Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from the following Adobe site:  The file is very large, 27 MB, and could take well over an hour on a slow dialup connection.

Other files may require Microsoft Word or a program which will convert Word documents to a readable format.

Background References

PLEASE NOTE: Some URLs are ridiculously long and cumbersome. Sorry, but I made them a smaller font size so they wouldn't be broken. They still work.


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