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Symbolic Logic: The emotional power of symbols

April 32, 2005

 Graphic or written, symbols are devices which create an emotional response in humans and animals.

This page is both a test of web systems and an excursion into the meaning of symbols and how they affect our daily lives. In places, I'll get very philosophical--and probably rather abrasive to religious viewers!--because I consider human response to emotional symbols both fascinating and distressing.

If you don't think symbols are emotional, consider your emotional response to the follow symbols:

Depending upon your ethnic, religious or cultural background, your reaction to the above symbols will be different.

Later in this essay I'll be addressing various issues regarding the above symbols specifically as well as other symbols.

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I thought that a page related to symbols would be a good place to address the symbolic nature of the search engine and it's invasive nature in our lives.

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Links to some sources used in this article are:  A learned definition of 'symbol' from Princeton University.

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