Our J-3 Piper Cub Ride

June 11, 2001

On June 12, 2001 Rebecca and I took our second plane ride with our friend Dave Gidzinski in his bright yellow Piper J-3 Cub. The pictures on this page were taken before and during the flight. We didn't have a camera with us for our first flight.

As you can see from the photo credits, Rebecca took most of them.

BeccaDad Photo

While Dave was securing his hanger I snapped a quick picture of Rebecca next to the plane. Take note of the open door which stayed open during the entire flight. Having the door open made Rebecca's picture taking much easier. 

I asked her: "If on a scale of one to ten a one was not scared at all and a ten was really, really terrified, what were you when we were flying with the door open?" Her answer: "maybe a four."

While taxing for take off I held the camera at arm's length and snapped this out of focus photo of Becca and me. Note the orange ear plugs in Becca's ears. 

BeccaDad600.jpg (53911 bytes)
BeccaDad Photo

Grandad600.jpg (76856 bytes)BeccaPhoto

The above picture shows the heart of down town Newport. It also shows Rebecca's granddad walking across the street. Click on the photo to make it larger and find the red dot in the center. Granddad is the tiny speck just to the left of the red dot. 

A few days after our flight, Rebecca's grand mom asked me "Did you yell to Donald from a little yellow airplane the other day?" Hey, I had to get him to look up so Rebecca could take his picture.

BigSchool600.jpg (66628 bytes)BeccaPhoto

This picture was taken looking southwest toward the Delaware Bay. The school in the center is our elementary school.

76_600.jpg (72167 bytes)Rebecca saw the number 76 cut into someone's yard during the week that the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers were playing in the NBA playoff. You will have to click on the above picture to easily see the number in the field.




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BeccaDad Photo

When not flying his J-3 Piper Cub, Pilot Dave Gidzinski flys Boeing 727s for DHL Worldwide Express. Dave is a certified flight instructor for fixed wing aircraft and hot air balloons. He is also a licensed airframe and power plant mechanic. We were in the good hands of an excellent pilot and good guy. Thanks, Dave!

Newport600.jpg (71991 bytes)BeccaPhoto

Dave's air strip is only a few miles from where we live. Rebecca took this photo as we flew over downtown Newport. If you click on the photo you'll get a larger photo that will show a red dot in the center. Rebecca's mother lives just to the right of the dot but the house is hidden by sycamore trees. 

The road is Landing Road and the road to the left is the Fortescue Road. The red roofed building at bottom center is our post office.

Primary600.jpg (71922 bytes)BeccaPhoto

Rebecca took the above picture of her school. A good friend of hers said she saw us fly over.

Leanne.jpg (70707 bytes)BeccaPhoto

You will need to click on the above photo to see detail.

The house to the right of the red dot is Rebecca's friend Leanne's. 

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All photographs on this page copyright 2001 by Bernard Sayers and Rebecca Sayers.