Artifical Intelligence Command
Do not be alarmed. Investigate The Edge.


Artificial Intelligence Command

At The Edge of CyberSpace and MeatSpace 

Once upon a time...



312th CyberForce Commando Group

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The Adrenaline

The Technology


The Investors



Welcome to The Edge!

"Where is The Edge?"

The Edge is the intersection of your physical body and your mind while immersed in the virtual world generated by computers.

Geeks and hackers call your physical body MeatSpace and they call where you are while immersed in a virtual, computer-generated world CyberSpace.

The Edge is where you dance while being in both MeatSpace and CyberSpace.

You are dancing on The Edge as you read this page.

Dance a bit...enjoy life on The Edge.

Be sure to pay attention.

Be VERY sure to pay attention.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build interactive, magical environments on The Edge which provide a very personal, unique and entertaining experience for every guest, every time they visit.

We bring safe, challenging, physically adaptive adventure and excitement into the lives of our visitors.

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